A brand new bathroom is the perfect way to add value to your property, and create a whole new level of comfort and luxury. For over 5 years we’ve been fitting bathrooms to exceptional standards of quality and finish. We put together a team of certified and experienced tradesmen to take care of everyday detail, from plumbing and electrical installations. to tilling, cabinet alteration and stone work.

Usually smallest room in the household presents quite a challenge when planing to renovate.

  • Changing your bathroom layout you will add costs to the budget as plumbing will have to be altered to suit new layout.
  • Not all buildings are suitable for wet room or low/slim shower trays. This is due to drainage requires space in below finished floor level. Some floors you cannot make room for plumbing pipework or drainage point itself is too high. We are happy to consult you before you decide on any layout changes.
  • Water supply is pressurised so it is not a problem to connect sanitary ware appliances anywhere in the room.
  • However, sewage is slightly different story. Runs of excessive length, too many bends and not enough slope will cause your drain blockage. Certainly something you want to avoid in your new bathroom. We will install traps and air admittance valves where required. This is to prevent smells and gurgling.
  • Waste pumps most popular brand being Saniflow, if possible best avoided or only for toilet or shower occasional use. They are expensive to install and require maintenance. However, if you need one it offers flexibility with where you can install you sanitary ware.