Internal Conversions

The Internal Conversion London teams create underground masterpieces. Structural Engineers, Surveyors and Architects work alongside the Basement Conversion Specialist teams giving you total piece of mind in knowing that the very best methods and building practices go into every new Basement by South Constructions.

South Constructions is the only Specialist Structural Design and Build company in London. This gives us an advantage over other companies as we work in a very different way. Our process includes a Structural Report that gives us information and precise guides on a homes strengths and weaknesses. Any area that is weak is strengthened and updated before we commence work. We build strong and long lasting structures that help the home with the right supports in the right locations.

The safest Internal Conversions in London

At South Constructions we check every last detail making sure that your new London Internal Conversion is built with all safety measures in place whilst incorporating the latest products and the highest quality materials.

A stronger London Internal Conversion

Many checks are carried out before construction commences.

  • Reports are then compiled
  • The results of each test acts as a guide to the right design
  • The overall size of the Internal conversion depends on the safest possible design for your home
  • Party Wall agreements are formed and handed to your neighbour/s
  • These include any requested terms and conditions
  • Work then starts on building your dream basement conversion