New Built

At South Constructions Ltd New Built Construction Company we excel at delivering the New Built projects, flats and houses, whilst primarily focusing on the high specification residential developments. Our expertise track record and national construction trade body memberships are assuring we will meet and exceed the requirements of New Built planners and building control bodies.

Our aim is to carry on building on our track record of the New Built properties that are not only meeting the minimum New Built standards but also exceeding the client expectations in detail quality and construction process easiness with our in house project management service.

Our company is a member of the several constructor schemes who monitor our construction processes and impartially verify our high quality construction service delivers to the industry standards at all times.

Our main source of New Built custom comes from the mainly central London property developments whereby the potential parcels of land on the side or back of the existing properties are turned into the separate development plots for the New Built. However, we have also worked on the redevelopment projects whereby the existing structure had to be knocked down in order to be replaced by the New Built property.

The Construction Process

  • Pre-construction
  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Interior and exterior work
  • From near-completion to hand-over